Mobey Forum White Paper Offers Guidelines for CNP Mobile Payments

June 17, 2010

The Mobey Forum, a Helsinki-based non-profit consortium formed to help grow the global mobile payments ecosystem, released a white paper examining issues surrounding remote mobile payments and details guidelines for implementation. Mobile Remote Payments General Guidelines for Ecosystems highlights three key findings: the important role of the mobile phone number as a proxy for bank account details; that specific requirements vary for individual markets; and that a clear roadmap to mass-market interoperability—starting by leveraging the existing infrastructure—is key to drive adoption. “Now that the market is starting to adopt mobile payments we believe that the time is right to provide industry guidelines to assist payment providers in deciding how to access the mobile remote payments market effectively,” said Ron van Wezel, chairman of Mobey Forum and director of emerging payment streams at Deutsche Bank. “This will help to promote an open infrastructure, which in turn will avoid market fragmentation and improve interoperability for the benefit of the consumer.”