Mitek Solution Verifies Drivers’ Licenses in Real Time

May 14, 2015

Mitek Solution Verifies Drivers’ Licenses in Real Time Mitek, the company that first brought mobile check-capture technology to market, this week at a San Francisco technology event launched a solution companies can use to verify identities during account opening that authenticates a driver’s license using the scanner of a mobile device. The company said it has had an account-opening product available for some time that can scan and verify that certain information on a piece of identification is true, but its new Photo Verify is the first time a smartphone can validate in real time that a particular government-issued ID is authentic, Sarah Clark, vice president of product management for Mitek, told

Clark said Mitek will offer the technology as part of its account-opening solution to its roster of clients, mainly financial institutions. As an example of one possible use case, Clark said credit-card issuers, during the mobile application process, could ask an applicant to scan their driver’s license if the process encounters some red flag that calls into question the applicant’s identity.

“Photo Verify gives you a quick, instant way to prove I’m the holder of an authentic driver’s license that matches the data I’ve input into an application process,” she said. “The credit issuer can immediately clear the concern they may have had about the application and allow it to proceed rather than perhaps requiring the applicant to copy or scan their license, slowing the process down, or even denying the applicant credit altogether.”