Minn. Commuters Pay for Parking via Mobile

Oct. 3, 2013

A Minnesota parking provider on Tuesday revealed it has partnered with mobile payment provider QuickPay. Under the agreement, Victory Parking, a parking lot operator based in St. Paul, Minn., will enable drivers parking at their facilities to pay using a mobile app developed by San Francisco-based QuickPay. The app, launched this summer , enables parking patrons to enter and exit a lot using their phone and pay without having to wait in line or take a ticket.

“As a long-running, family-owned St. Paul business, providing excellent customer service is our priority,” said Todd Geller, vice president of Victory Parking. “QP QuickPay allows us to offer unprecedented speed and convenience to our customers, and enables new value-added services that we could not have easily offered without it. On top of the customer-focused benefits, QuickPay allows us to easily and cost-effectively offer credit card payments and free up staff to better serve our customers.”