Merchants Create Non-Gateway Endpoints with Spreedly

May 1, 2014

Merchants Create Non-Gateway Endpoints with Spreedly Spreedly, a Durham, N.C.-based card-vaulting service that enables online merchants to store and tokenize credit cards and work with multiple payment gateways, yesterday unveiled a new service at a Silicon Valley tech show. Spreedly CEO Justin Benson told that Payment Method Distribution will allow its merchants—which, in addition to direct merchants, include e-commerce stores, affiliates and resellers—to set up their own non-gateway end points.

Many of Spreedly’s customers, said Benson, wanted to take their securely stored credit cards and run them against non-payment gateway end points (industry APIs in travel, ticketing, food and beverage, etc.). In the last year especially, his customers had been expressing a desire to have their own vault and create their own wallet experience.

“They work with a wide range of back-end systems, but they’re not payment gateways, they’re other types of APIs,” he explained.

Payment Method Distribution enables them to create and manage those end points themselves “with only a small amount of work” with Spreedly.

“Just like with payment gateways where we let merchants charge their cards any way they wanted without having to store their cards with a single gateway,” he said, “now we let them charge it against all these APIs without having to hand their customer off at a critical juncture.”