Merchant Warehouse Offers Merchants Mobile Payments from LevelUp 

May 7, 2012

Two Boston-based companies—credit card processor Merchant Warehouse and mobile payment app provider LevelUp—late last week entered a partnership that will integrate LevelUp’s payment app into the MerchantWare Transport processing platform. In addition to enabling payment via mobile device at participating merchants, LevelUp’s mobile solution provides merchants a way to offer a cardless rewards program and mobile gifting, says Seth Priebatsch, “chief ninja” of LevelUp .

“The mobile payment landscape continues to evolve and in order to meet demands we need to evolve with it. This partnership will open doors for both consumers and merchants alike, who have not been able to utilize mobile payment capabilities before,” says Priebatsch. “To work with a trusted partner like Merchant Warehouse ensures we are working with a veteran of the merchant industry that can help strengthen our loyalty and mobile gifting programs so consumers have the best shopping experience possible.”