Merchant Warehouse ‘Genius’ Leverages Multiple Payment Technologies at POS 

Feb. 4, 2013

Merchant Warehouse, a Boston-based merchant services provider, last week launched a new software platform that lets merchants take advantage of nearly any new payment or loyalty technology. The Genius Customer Engagement Platform lets merchants install one “customer engagement device” at the POS and download any partner payment, loyalty or marketing app. Customers can select the payment method and loyalty program they want on the touchscreen at checkout.

The new platform enables merchants to leverage many types of payment technologies at the POS—mobile payments technologies based on QR Code, like LevelUp or NFC, such as Isis, for example—without restricting themselves to any one, according to Merchant Warehouse CEO Henry Helgeson.

“During our 15 years in payments and merchant services, we observed that the industry was evolving faster than the industry’s payment technology was equipped to support,” said Helgeson. “Genius is the only solution available that is designed to accept any type of payment, loyalty or discount program in a completely integrated, cloud-managed environment. Merchants can’t afford to wait out the mobile payment wars to find out who will win. The time to integrate new technologies is now—and open platforms like Genius give merchants tremendous opportunity to generate real revenue beyond the simple transaction .”