MCX Tabs Banker for Top Spot

July 19, 2013

The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), the merchant-led mobile payments initiative coming up on its first anniversary in August , yesterday finally named a CEO. Dekkers Davidson comes to MCX from Barclaycard US, where he served as managing director. Davidson’s tenure at Barclaycard includes launching what MCX called in a press release, “the first cloud-based mobile commerce wallet in the U.S. specifically designed to be merchant friendly.” While the company hasn’t disclosed much about the technology it will employ, reports indicate, at least initially, the MCX wallet will be cloud-based, dovetailing nicely with Davidson’s experience.

“It was imperative for MCX to select a CEO who has a strong passion for the customer, who understands the emerging mobile payments industry and who also aligns with the key objectives of MCX,” according to a statement from the company’s Board of Directors. “In Dekkers, we have found someone uniquely qualified for this role.”