McDonald’s Testing PayPal POS System in France 

Aug. 20, 2012

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is using locations in France to test a mobile payment partnership with PayPal. A McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed in published reports that a PayPal pilot is underway at 30 French locations and that the PayPal POS system, which has been rolled out nationally at Home Depot and is in various phases of deployment in more than 15 major U.S. retailers, likely will be rolled out domestically within two years.

PayPal’s in-store POS system, which debuted nearly a year ago, is an integrated e-wallet that leverages cloud-based payment information of consumers with PayPal accounts. Account holders pay at the POS by entering a mobile phone number and PIN linked to the account on a keypad, by swiping a PayPal payment card or, eventually, by using NFC-enabled phones to tap and go.