MasterCard Launches Online Shopping Service for Cardholders

April 12, 2010

MasterCard Worldwide today announced a partnership with ecommerce and advertising company NextJump, resulting in the launch of a new online service that delivers a customized online shopping experience and significant merchant-funded discounts for MasterCard cardholders, driving them to retailer Websites. All MasterCard credit and debit card holders are eligible to sign up for the service that will enable them to set preferences and receive email notifications from specific merchants they like and get access to exclusive in-store events at preferred merchants. “There will be overwhelming offers every day, special significant discounts,” Sarah Ely, MasterCard spokesperson, tells The Purchase, N.Y.-based card network will begin promoting the Marketplace Website soon. “A significant media and marketing campaign will be kicking off next week,” Ely says. “We’re putting a lot behind this to make sure our cardholders know what it is, know how to use it and understand it’s a significant value-add for MasterCard cardholders.”