LoopPay Intros iPhone Charge Case for Mobile Payments

June 26, 2014

Loop Pay Intros iPhone Charge Case for Mobile Payments LoopPay, a Boston-based mobile-wallet provider, this week launched an iPhone charge case that enables mobile payments at traditional magstripe POS terminals. The case, which fits iPhone 5 and 5s devices, extends the life of a standard iPhone battery by more than 60 percent while allowing shoppers to make tap-and-go payments at nearly any point-of-sale. Loop works by generating a magnetic signal that can be transmitted to the magstripe reader sitting at the register of just about every merchant. The company started with a fob that plugged into a mobile phone’s jack. The iPhone charge case is the most recent form factor released by the company.

“Consumers have been asking for LoopPay capability in a charge case to extend their highly-integrated mobile lifestyles. We listened closely and are proud to present the first product of its kind in the world, the LoopPay ChargeCase. People will love the ability to pay with their phones at point of sale, especially iPhone users who find themselves in need of a little extra juice to make it through the day,” said Will Graylin, CEO of LoopPay. “I believe every phone case and charge case should have LoopPay inside, giving consumers the ability to move about their day with a secure digital wallet so that they can leave their physical wallets behind for the first time with confidence.”