LiveEnsure Launches P2P Authentication App

May 14, 2015

LiveEnsure Launches P2P Authentication App LiveEnsure, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based provider of authentication technology, this week launched a peer-to-peer app that enables users to verify the identities of the users with whom they are sharing content. The company said its mobile app FourSure enables users to secure any link, file, message, tweet, post or payment by managing who is allowed to see the content, when and how it is available to them.

“With our current security landscape, it’s next to impossible to confirm an identity on the other end of a session, chat, message, link, share or payment. Beyond a simple password, PIN or link, users have been forced to give up control of content once it has left their device,” said Christian Hessler, founder and CEO of LiveEnsure. “We created FourSure to simplify and secure even the most basic functions we all perform online on mobile devices, and have done so with trust, privacy and control built into its core DNA.”