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Interview Screen shotHow to Spot and Eliminate Affiliate Fraud

Merchants that rely on affiliate marketing to drive traffic to their e-commerce Websites expose themselves to fraud from unscrupulous affiliates looking to rack up commissions using stolen credit-card data. Rey Pasinli, executive director of e-commerce merchant services provider Total Apps Inc., says, on average, 3 percent of a merchant's affiliates generate 50 percent of this type of fraudulent transaction. Listen as Pasinli discusses how merchants can be more aware of affiliate fraud and how they can weed out bad affiliates by using data already on hand.
Watch the Video Interview Here

Glossary of CNP Payments Terms

Every industry develops its own jargon in an effort to make communication among members easier. But, the alphabet soup of acronyms and industry terms casually thrown around by experts in the card-not-present payments space can be like a foreign language to merchants that just want to be able to accept payments through their Website or over the phone.

As a service to industry newcomers and to merchants that rely on their processors, acquirers and anti-fraud providers to do business—but sometimes don’t entirely understand what they’re talking about— is presenting a glossary of industry payment terms. The document, which was assembled by Connecticut-based card-not-present consultancy CNP-Solutions, LLC will be available as a free resource in the Open Library section of It contains more than 300 terms that and will be extremely helpful communicating with payments service providers.

Download the 19 page PDF here

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