Kount Partners with Midigator for Additional Chargeback Protection

Antifraud technology provider Kount last week announced it has added an additional measure to help its merchants prevent chargebacks. The Boise-based company partnered with chargeback management company Midigator, which will provide Kount users access to a negative database of known “friendly fraudsters.”

“This development is great news for e-commerce merchants as they now have a single solution for addressing both friendly fraud and true fraud,” said Mark Standfield, president of Midigator.  “With friendly fraud responsible for up to 70 percent of all chargebacks filed, this combined effort confronts these issues head on, which will have a tremendous impact on businesses.”

Less than a month ago, Kount struck a partnership with Chargebacks911, a Florida-based company that addresses chargebacks in a different way, focusing on updating internal processes to reduce chargebacks and on representment after a chargeback has occurred.

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