Kount Partners with Ethoca for Quicker Dispute Resolution

March 26, 2015

Kount Partners with Ethoca for Quicker Dispute Resolution Antifraud technology providers Ethoca and Kount unveiled an agreement Tuesday the companies said will bring enhanced visibility into fraudulent and disputed transactions for Kount clients. Kount said the partnership enables its merchants to add another layer of protection against fraud while maximizing the number of legitimate orders they are able to accept.

“Through our partnership with Ethoca, we can bring Kount merchants a proven service that helps further increase acceptance levels without worrying about the impact of increased fraud and chargeback costs,” said Rich Stuppy, COO of Kount. “We’re excited to empower our customers with the same Ethoca service that more than 2,000 merchants around the world rely on every day.”

Ethoca leverages relationships with card issuers to deliver information on confirmed fraud and disputes to merchants in hours that would normally take weeks to receive from the issuer directly as part of a traditional chargeback resolution process. The solution helps merchants identify disputes before they become chargebacks, avoiding the expense associated with fighting them.