Kount Adds Identity Verification Tool for Additional Antifraud Capabilities

Antifraud technology provider Kount this week unveiled a partnership that will give its customers access to identity data generated by Whitepages Pro. Kount has added Whitepages Pro to its Data Orchestration Hub—a suite of services merchants can use to augment their antifraud efforts. Whitepages Pro leverages data sources around the world to verify the identities of e-commerce users through names, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses and other data points. The information is integrated into the Kount Complete dashboard for simple access to more powerful identity verification.

“We continue to innovate and sign new integrations with leading technology providers to equip our merchants with ‘best-in-class’ solutions that stop fraud and increase sales and revenue,” said Rich Stuppy, COO, Kount. “As identity verification plays a critical role in card-not-present transactions, Whitepages Pro is a welcomed addition to our Data Orchestration Hub, and the seamless integration into our platform allows merchants to be up and running from day one.”