Klarna Launches Checkout in Germany

April 28, 2014

Klarna Launches Checkout in Germany Recently, Swedish online payment provider Klarna announced it has launched a mobile-optimized version of Klarna Checkout especially for the German market. The expansion of Klarna from a regional online payment method in Sweden and Scandanavia to European powerhouse Germany has its roots in Klarna’s acquisition of Sofort, the German online payment company it acquired in December 2013.

Klarna has built its mobile checkout offering around increasing conversion by requiring only an email address and postal code to make a transaction. The company said it has used its experience in Sweden and its new knowledge of the German market to tailor its offering in the new country.

“In the German checkout we have taken all learnings from the Nordics, but built a checkout experience that accounts for the preferences of German consumers,” the company wrote in the Klarna Checkout blog. “One example is that in the German Klarna Checkout, we introduce Sofort and Lastschrift as payment methods.”

The company said the first retailers in Germany to use Klarna checkout are online marketplace Hitmeister.de, fashion retailer Stylepit.de, and online pharmacy Apotheke.de.