Keynote Recap: Connected World Requires New Mindset When Designing E-Commerce Experiences

Companies designing e-commerce experiences or payment products need to understand a new paradigm for reaching increasingly connected consumers, according to Soumya Chakrabarty, head of payment innovation at Discover and the second keynote speaker on Wednesday.

“We need to approach design fundamentally differently than we have in the past,” Chakrabarty said. “If you think of the Web world, we were designing one Web page, one checkout experience, serving many customers coming to the page. It was One to Many. You were thinking of the functionality of the page and every customer would see the same thing. Now it has shifted to Many to One.”

Chakrabarty noted the proliferation of devices each person now uses and that how they use each of those devices differs greatly from other users. It has become an individual experience and requires companies to think in a more complex way. Products and experiences now must be designed for different devices serving the same individual.