Kaspersky Lab Beefs up Security Product for Online Shopping 

Aug. 27, 2012

Kaspersky Lab, a provider of IT security solutions, on Friday said it has enhanced its flagship Internet security product with additional protection for consumers who shop online. The Woburn, Mass.-based company said its Safe Money technology automatically activates when visiting the most common payment services and banking Websites and users can add favorite shopping Websites to the list. It isolates payment operations in a special Web browser to make sure transactions aren’t monitored remotely and verifies the authenticity of the payment site a user is visiting. Safe Money also provides users a virtual onscreen keyboard so payment information is entered with mouse clicks to avoid being compromised by keystroke loggers.

Kaspersky had the technology evaluated recently by Matousec, an independent research lab, which found Safe Money stood up to 15 different attacks typically used by fraudsters. The company said most popular security products “failed to block even half the attacks.”