Jumio’s BAM Produces ‘Frictionless’ Mobile Checkout

Oct. 27, 2014

Jumio’s BAM Produces ‘Frictionless’ Mobile Checkout Jumio, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based online and mobile credentials management company, recently unveiled a mobile checkout solution it said will address the very high shopping-cart abandonment rate associated with m-commerce purchases. The company’s BAM Checkout lets users enter payment information by holding first their credit card and then their driver’s license up to a smartphone’s camera. Jumio’s technology scans both documents and automatically populates the checkout fields, bypassing “nearly all manual key entry when completing a mobile purchase.”

“Over three years ago, Jumio zeroed in on payment friction as a serious mobile commerce impediment and we’ve been addressing this issue ever since,” said Daniel Mattes, CEO of Jumio. ”We started with credit-card scanning and now are pleased to offer a more comprehensive solution that accelerates and replaces most of the traditional data-entry tasks required for mobile checkout.”

The company said the solution’s name alludes to the chemical BAM, a compound of Boron, Aluminum and Magnesium that “produces the least amount of sliding friction of any substance in the world.”