JetPay, Rezzcard Enable In-App Rent Payments for Public Housing Residents

June 4, 2015

JetPay, Rezzcard Enable In-App Rent Payments for Public Housing Residents This week, Berwyn, Pa.-based payment processor JetPay unveiled a new partnership with Rezzcard, a payment provider specializing in solutions for property managers and tenants. Under the agreement, New Jersey-based Rezzcard will enable tenants in public housing developments to pay rent electronically via a mobile app. Rezzcard will offer tenants a Visa prepaid debit card supplied by JetPay’s Card Services division they can link to the app to make one-touch payments. Rezzcard had enabled rent payments in a number of ways before, but it was the partnership with JetPay that brought mobile into the mix.

“Now, advancing it even further, the mobile app let’s people pay electronically and it’s a free transaction for them,” Pat DiSanto, senior vice president at JetPay Card Services, told “Participants are registered in the Rezzcard system through their housing authority and provided a MAC Visa prepaid card that can be funded in any number of ways. Once they have money on there, they can just open the app and click ‘Pay my Rent.’ The amount and the timing of the payment are set when they register, so the payment itself is very easy.”

The app also enables partial payments, if there are not enough funds loaded on the card. DiSanto said. In addition to providing the card, JetPay will process the transactions. The companies together will market the solution to public housing authorities and other multifamily property managers across the country.