Iovation Partners with Affirmative Technologies for Authentication

Feb. 14, 2011

iovation, a Portland, Ore.-based online anti-fraud technology provider, recently announced a partnership with Affirmative Technologies, a technology provider offering a suite of electronic payment and risk management solutions to financial institutions, payment aggregators and third-party ACH processors. Affirmative Technologies will implement iovation fraud protection as a layer of security to authenticate web users before they enter sensitive areas of their clients’ websites. “iovation is pleased to have Affirmative Technologies offering iovation fraud prevention benefits to its customers,” said iovation CEO and founder Greg Pierson. “Combining their expertise in electronic payments with our global device reputation service will ensure that ongoing payments are more secure than ever.” Affirmative’s payment software offers direct billers a single-source platform that enables their customers to pay bills online or through a call center with a virtual check or credit card.