Industry Group Launches Knowledge Center to Answer EMV Questions

Sept. 8, 2014

Industry Group Launches Knowledge Center to Answer EMV Questions The U.S. payments infrastructure continues to advance toward the October 2015 liability shift that will mark the country’s changeover to the EMV standard for payment cards (and usher in a new reality for card-not-present merchants). A string of high profile security breaches continued last week with news that the POS systems at Home Depot stores across the U.S. had been compromised. And with each breach, the call for EMV grows stronger. Confusion about the mandate, the deadlines and the responsibilities that accrue to each stakeholder in the process, however, continue as the debate shifts from whether to implement the standard to how to implement the standard.

Last week, the EMV Migration Forum, an organization that has been backing the switch to EMV for some time, released a resource for anyone with questions about the ongoing process. The organization’s Knowledge Center is a comprehensive spreadsheet-based repository of white papers, guides, specifications, FAQs and articles on the subject from just about every perspective.  Issuers, acquirers and merchants with questions on EMV can search the database looking for specific terms of for subject matter that pertains specifically to their area of business.