InComm Leverages Retail Gift Card Network to Deliver Mobile Payments

Oct. 28, 2013

InComm, a distributor of third-party gift cards through in-store displays, has launched a service that will leverage its network of 400,000 retail locations to offer loyalty programs, coupons and mobile payments. InComm’s Cashtie Cloud Match Service works with barcodes delivered to mobile devices from the cloud to provide retailers access to advanced technologies without upgrades at the POS.

The service works by generating a barcode on a consumer’s mobile phone that is presented to a cashier to be scanned. When the barcode is scanned from the mobile phone at the POS, the company said the transaction is matched in the cloud to a specific cash register within a particular retail location and the provider that is associated with the barcode. Cashtie then shares this information with the provider, who matches it to a specific consumer and responds with the transaction details for making a payment, receiving a discount or gaining loyalty points. Cashtie then sends the details for the transaction back to the POS either via InComm’s proprietary switching technology, as part of InComm’s Enhanced Payment Platform or to any third party switching solution used by the retailer.