IdentityMind Offers Fraud-Fighting Platform to Non-Profits

June 21, 2012

IdentityMind, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based company that fights e-commerce fraud by establishing consumers’ Internet identities, yesterday launched a program to help non-profit organizations fight fraud in their online donation Websites. Non-profits are frequent targets of fraud because thieves believe their sites are lightly defended, according to Jose Caldera, vice president of platform management for IdentityMind.

“Fraudsters use donation Websites to test and monetize stolen cards,” Caldera says. “Fraudsters turn to not-for-profit donation sites because they know that these sites employ less stringent verification mechanisms than other Internet retailers and services websites.”

IdentityMind says during the new campaign, it is offering its flagship anti-fraud platform to non-profit organizations that accept online donations at a significant discount. The company has already struck a deal with Blue Planet Network, a group working to bring safe drinking water to rural areas around the world, and, Caldera tells, several others are close to signing with IdentityMind or already in testing with the platform.