IdentityMind Integrates Email Data in Anti-Fraud Platform 

June 14, 2012

Anti-fraud provider IdentityMind has partnered with email data services provider Rapleaf to integrate email validation into its platform. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company says the partnership will enable merchants to access Rapleaf’s email verification database to analyze transactions for fraud or while assessing the risk of underwriting an individual, through IdentityMind’s analysis user interface.

“Positive identification and accurate payment reputation are key to mitigating online commerce risk,” says Jose Caldera, IdentityMind’s vice president of Platform Management. “Merchants want to make sure they aren’t stopping good users, and payment service providers want to know they are on-boarding good individuals. Rapleaf enhances IdentityMind eDNA with clear and measurable data about an Internet identity’s email address.”

IdentityMind’s platform is patent-pending technology the company says analyzes various user parameters to establish an “Internet identity” that can be used to ensure consumers are who they say they are during e-commerce transactions.