Hostile Takeover: A CNP Expo Session Spotlight

March 23, 2015

Hostile Takeover: A CNP Expo Session Spotlight As savvy merchants employ more fraud-prevention systems and processes, fraudsters adjust and adapt to find new ways to circumvent these tools.  Account takeover fraud, the act of a fraudster using legitimate customer credentials to log into their accounts to make their activity appear legitimate, has become increasingly prevalent and is very difficult for merchants to identify and prevent.

Whether fraudsters are using both the log-in credentials and the credit card of the account holder or leveraging the account as legitimacy to add a new credit card to the account, account takeover is damaging to both the merchant and the account holder.

Some top merchants, however, have found creative solutions to identify when someone other than the true account holder is accessing an existing account. In a special session at the 2015 CNP Expo, executives from Walmart and Riot Games will share strategies they have found prevent orders being placed as a result of an account takeover.  Panelists from NuData Security and MyNetWatchman also will be on hand to discuss how new technology and new systems have helped merchants prevent this sophisticated and prevalent fraud attack.

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