Heartland, AJB Lower Transaction Costs for Merchants

Jan. 20, 2014

Heartland, AJB Lower Transaction Costs for Merchants Princeton, N.J.-based payments processor Heartland Payment Systems, at last week’s National Retail Federation Big Show in New York City, announced a partnership under which the companies will offer Heartland’s Dynamic Interchange Management to AJB customers. As a provider of integrated payment software, AJB’s customers, like all merchants, are constantly looking for a way to reduce the cost of payment acceptance. Dynamic Interchange Management automates the process.

“When someone swipes a card, there are multiple levels of interchange that card could qualify for,” David Hogan, executive director of Heartland Payment Systems, told CardNotPresent.com during the NRF event. “Then, right before settlement, we have some analytics in our process that go through and automatically identify the lowest qualified interchange rate for that transaction. That could save a merchant double-digit basis points. The biggest contributor to the cost of a transaction is interchange. We’re trying to lower that as much as possible.”