By Steve Hoffman, Founder and CEO, SayPay Technologies

Guest Perspective: Voice Authentication Principles and Advancements Are you interested in learning more about voice biometric authentication but not sure where to start?  This two-part series provides a primer and essential information for any person seeking to understand more about the science behind voice identity processing and the business opportunities it presents.

Part 1:  Voice Authentication Principles

Speech recognition services like Apple’s Siri and OK Google have become convenient alternatives to the tedious, frustrating and time-consuming effort of keying data into mobile phones. Speech recognition has been around for years and has reached consumers in the form of products like Dragon (Nuance), Cortana (Microsoft), and Alexa (Amazon). So it’s natural for people to think the terms speech and voice recognition are synonymous. Voice recognition, however, is the technology that applies to authenticating an individual’s identity using their voice.

Speech recognition is