Google, PayPal Sued for Patent Infringement Relating to Online Transactions

July 14, 2011

Purple Leaf LLC has sued Google and PayPal in connection with a patent relating to online payments and receipts. This week, the Plano, Texas-based patent-holding company filed separate lawsuits in Texas Eastern District Court. Purple Leaf claimed in the suit that Google and PayPal are “infringing the Patent in the State of Texas, in this judicial district, and elsewhere in the United States by making, using, importing, selling or offering to sell services and products that practice methods and utilize devices for conducting a transaction using a medium based on a receipt having payment remittance information.” Purple Leaf accused Google of infringing its patents with its Checkout service and said PayPal is “willfully infringing patents with its Website.” The lawsuit names the Website specifically but it could also include services that PayPal enables on third-party sites and on mobile devices. Purple Leaf filed similar suits recently against Fiserv, JP Morgan Chase, CitiGroup, American Express Company, PNC Bank and SAP America.