Google Checkout Winding Down, Online Marketplace Makes Early Move

Sept. 9, 2013

In May, when Google announced it was discontinuing Google Checkout for e-commerce payments, the company set a November 20 date for the official end of the service. As the deadline approaches, at least one online marketplace through which sellers could accept payments using Google Checkout has ended the service early. On Friday, Bonanza removed the Google Checkout button from the shopping cart, according to a post on its corporate blog. The company said it was working toward enabling credit-card acceptance for merchants, but suggested PayPal or Checkout by Amazon for sellers that only accepted Google Checkout previously.

Responding to some blowback in the comments of the post, Bonanza co-founder Mark Dorsey apologized to users for any inconvenience, but explained that the time of year played a role in not waiting until Google’s official end date to stop accepting Google Checkout payments.

“We wanted to make sure that if there were any issues that we could address them in advance rather than have to do so during a high-volume shopping season,” Dorsey said.

He also mentioned that, while the company sympathized with sellers using the Google service, not many consumers on Bonanza used it.

“Truth be told,” he said, “the majority of transactions on Bonanza have always been via PayPal (by a large margin), followed by Checkout by Amazon.”