GETI Chooses NorseCorp Anti-Fraud Solution

July 2, 2012

Global eTelecom Inc. (GETI), a Fort Walton Beach, Fla.-based electronic check processor, said it has selected St. Louis-based NorseCorp to provide anti-fraud protection on e-check transactions made online for GETI and its merchant clients.

“GETI’s adoption of NorseCorp’s eCommerce Fraud Prevention service is an important part of our effort to secure and protect our merchants,” said Chris Brundage, COO of Global eTelecom. “Some of our merchants have used the service for credit card transactions with their bankcard processor, and are extremely excited about its ability to significantly reduce fraud. We look forward to seeing similar results for ACH transactions originating from our payment platform.”

Brundage says NorseCorp’s eCommerce Fraud Prevention service enables merchants to leverage real-time intelligence because it proactively gathers information on IP addresses engaged in fraudulent and criminal activity before the transaction. GETI currently provides processing services for more than 55,000 U.S. merchants and says it is adding 2,000 merchants a month to its roster.