Gemalto Launches Credit Card with Online Security Functionality

Nov. 22, 2010

Dutch payment card manufacturer Gemalto recently introduced what it claims is the industry‘s first credit card to combine one-time password security capabilities with standard payment. It demonstrated the innovation and announced its availability in the U.S. at a recent trade show in San Antonio. This innovation allows banks to provide a single card that delivers both payment and increased security for online transactions. “Our brand new Ezio product equips end-users with a security token embedded in a form-factor they are very familiar with, guaranteeing high user acceptance,” said Ove Wedsjo, head of e-banking at Gemalto. “It allows for bankers to lower their fulfillment costs and at the same time significantly increase online security.” A one-time code is digitally generated and displayed by pressing a button on the card’s face. The card becomes a second factor of authentication, allowing the user to enter this unique and non-reusable numeric code on a Web page, in addition to their user name and password.