Forter Unveils Real-Time Fraud Decisioning for Phone Orders

March 26, 2015

Forter Unveils Real-Time Fraud Decisioning for Phone Orders Israeli antifraud technology provider Forter today launched an extension of its offering aimed at preventing fraudulent transactions accepted over the telephone. The company, which launched a year ago with a guarantee that all approved transactions would be fraud-free or Forter would cover the expense of the chargeback, said it has adapted its technology—and the guarantee—to the call-center channel. Liron Damri, Forter’s co-founder and COO, notes that fraud rates have been rising faster in the call-center channel than online and will grow faster still when the EMV liability shift funnels more fraud toward CNP channels. He told the company’s new solution is the first that can deliver an accept/decline fraud decision in real time that covers all major CNP channels.

"Phone fraud is astonishingly high. We built our phone order solution to not only protect businesses, but also provide a frictionless user experience for the customer," said Damri. "Expanding our set of solutions beyond the e-commerce and m-commerce space, our product for phone orders is the missing link for total fraud prevention, which is currently overlooked by most of the vendors in the industry despite the growing need of merchants."