Financial ‘Blockade’ Forces WikiLeaks Shutdown

Oct. 27, 2011

WikiLeaks, the controversial Website that has published the secrets of governments and businesses, has ceased publishing operations, according to a statement on its Website. The company has pointed its finger squarely at large financial institutions and the card networks for imposing “an unlawful financial blockade” that has undermined its ability to accept payments on its Website. “We are forced to temporarily suspend publishing whilst we secure our economic survival,” the statement said. “For almost a year we have been fighting an unlawful financial blockade. The attack has destroyed 95 percent of our revenue.” Donations to the whistle-blowing site have fallen from around €100,000 a month in 2010 to just €6000 a month this year, costing WikiLeaks up to €50 million, according to reports. The organization said it has begun “pre-litigation” against the financial institutions and networks in the U.S., Iceland, Denmark, the U.K., Brussels, and Australia, according to the statement.