FIDO Releases Final Draft of Authentication Standards

Dec. 15, 2014

FIDO Releases Final Draft of Authentication Standards The FIDO Alliance, an industry consortium working on standards for stronger authentication in online and mobile payments, published final drafts of the two specifications it has been working on since its launch nearly two years ago. The group last week delivered its Universal Authentication Framework and the Universal 2nd Factor spec that promise to move online identity beyond passwords.

“Today, we celebrate an achievement that will define the point at which the old world order of passwords and PINs started to wither and die,” said Michael Barrett, president of the FIDO Alliance. “FIDO Alliance pioneers can forever lay claim to ushering in the ‘post password’ era, which is already revealing new dimensions in Internet services and digital commerce.”

The specifications are a set of open standards device makers, app developers, software developers and others can use to integrate a variety of authentication methods into Websites, cloud applications, mobile apps and more.

“No consortium in the identity management industry has ever grown so fast, with such strong representation from the technology buy side,” said Steve Wilson, vice president and principal consultant at Constellation Research. “What’s most impressive is the FIDO Alliance’s focus on the authentication plumbing. The protocols enable trusted client devices to trade just the right data about their users. FIDO specifications aren’t tangled up in messy identity policy decisions. It’s an elegant breakthrough.”