Eyeball Tracking Can Help Merchants and FIs Defeat Fraudsters

While biometric authentication of e-commerce transactions is still nascent, an increasing number of providers are adding the capability to their offerings. Last week, Silicon Valley fintech company Jumio added another technique to a growing number of biometric authentication methods available in the market: eyeball tracking.

Jumio, despite having a checkered financial past, is one of the pioneers of applying biometric technology to verifying the identity of mobile users. The company said the new method ensures a live person is holding the device by making users follow the random movements of an icon on a smartphone screen.

“Fingerprint and iris scans give consumers a false sense of security. Just in May, hackers demonstrated they could beat the Samsung 8 iris scan,” said Philipp Pointner, vice president of products at Jumio. “This is a technology arms race. The addition of eyeball tracking makes it exponentially more difficult to imitate someone you’re not, giving businesses and consumers a higher level of trust.”

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