Experian Adds Fraud Providers to CrossCore Platform

Data analytics provider Experian yesterday announced it has expanded the number of companies offering various e-commerce fraud solutions through its CrossCore platform. The company launched CrossCore in June as a way to offer e-commerce merchants more choice in how they attack e-commerce fraud. It enables merchants to manage their own fraud systems, Experian’s or those of other third-party vendors through one integration point. Yesterday, the Dublin-based company added Emailage, iQor, Monitise, myNetWatchman and Whitepages Pro to the array of providers available to CrossCore customers.

“We’re quickly adding new partners so we can give our clients more choices than ever before,” said Steve Platt, global executive vice president of fraud and identity for Experian. “When we launched CrossCore in June, we said that before CrossCore, no one vendor could do it all. The ‘plug-and-play’ capability allows companies to connect multiple disparate services through a common access point for a layered approach to managing risk.”