eWise Moves Corporate HQ to U.S.

April 11, 2011

eWise, a company that developed an online payment method that steers consumers to their online banking site to pay for e-commerce transactions, has moved its corporate headquarters from Sydney, Australia to Denver, Colo. and has incorporated in the United States under the name eWise Group, Inc. The company said the move is significant because it brings a real-time, secure and simple financial solutions to U.S. banking institutions and their customers. “We see the U.S. Market as the cornerstone of our future growth and development,” said Alex Grinberg, CEO of eWise. “eWise is designed to offer banks an entirely new revenue stream, where there has previously only been costs. This results in increased loyalty from their customers, who now have a fast and easy way to make secure payments and manage their online transactions right from their bank account.” The company’s primary product, Secure Vault Payments, was developed with NACHA, the organization that maintains the ACH network. The company’s first client to implement Secure Vault Payments in the U.S. was US Bank, announced in ( CNP Report Nov. 8, 2010 ). “Launching Secure Vault Payments allows U.S. Bank to give our business customers a cost-effective, low risk option to accept online payments while also offering our consumer banking customers one of the safest ways to pay online,” said Jeff Jones, executive vice president for treasury management at U.S. Bank. “It’s a win-win for everyone in the payment chain.”