European Payment Companies Join Forces for E-Commerce Education

Oct. 17, 2013

Recently, several European payment companies undertook an educational initiative they hope will expand cross-border opportunities for players at every level of the card-not-present payments value chain. Payvision, PAY.ON, ReD and World IT Lawyers have formed the Cross-Border eCommerce Community (CBEC) to offer “insights and information” for companies seeking to expand their international e-commerce business.

Payvision, the Amsterdam-based PSP which initiated the drive to form the consortium, recently has taken on a role of expanding the public knowledge base regarding cross-border e-commerce. Earlier this month, the company completed a comprehensive survey and white paper with defining and analyzing the opportunities and challenges inherent in cross-border e-commerce. In the current initiative, Payvision said it and the other companies involved will pool expertise and conduct more research to deliver insights that can expand the entire category.

“I’m so excited to see that CBEC Partners are committed to cooperating in a non-competitive manner and actively sharing knowledge,” said Rolf Visser, vice president of global marketing for Payvision. “CBEC is a new initiative that will earn the interest of online businesses, longing for transparency and simplicity, in their quest for international expansion. It will eventually lead to new business opportunities and boost cross-border e-commerce growth.”