EPC White Paper Examines Mobile Payments in Europe

July 12, 2010

The European Payments Council (EPC) announced it has published a white paper highlighting the group’s initiatives for mobile payments in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). The Brussels-based EPC said the initiatives described in the report are designed to facilitate implementation and interoperability of user-friendly mobile payment solutions across the 32 SEPA countries. The white paper explores how mobile payment services can be delivered through cooperation between service providers active in the banking industry and new players emerging in the mobile ecosystem. “The EPC, working together with other stakeholders such as, for example, GSMA, the organization representing the interests of the worldwide mobile communications industry, is in the process of establishing the necessary standards and business rules with regard to the initiation and receipt of SEPA payments by mobile,” said Gerard Hartsink, chairman of the EPC. “The aim is to develop proposals that support collaboration and standardization and which form the basis for interoperability. Our intention is to establish a service framework sufficient to reach potentially all payers and payees in the European Economic Area and to create a trusted and secure environment for the multiple stakeholders active in the field.” To download the EPC White Paper on Mobile Payments click here . The paper follows a separate report on mobile recently released by the independent Mobey Forum that examined many of the same issues ( CNP Report June 17, 2010 ), though the Mobey report was focused more finely on CNP issues.