Emailage Adds Intelligence to Email Risk Assessment

Sept. 2, 2014

Emailage Adds Intelligence to Email Risk Assessment Emailage, a Chandler, Ariz.-based company that provides real-time email risk assessment and scoring, has introduced five new features that enhance its core product. The primary addition enables customers to combine their current email risk assessment algorithm with IP addresses, producing an extremely efficient fraud-prevention solution, according to the company. The new feature, rolled out last week, will benefit customers who not only have email addresses from their transactions, but also can get the IP associated with it.

“By adding the IP to the consultation of any email address, our fraud logic can get up to 20 percent more efficient,” said Rei Carvalho, CEO of Emailage. “Now we can do things like link different email addresses to the same risky IP, which improves our models significantly. The best part is that we are not charging more for this service as part of our commitment to always improve our features for our customers.”

As CNP fraud becomes an increasing concern to merchants around the globe – especially in the U.S. where it is expected to spike when EMV is fully rolled out – companies that employ email address assessment are detecting incremental fraud as they leverage whatever data they can to mitigate risk. In addition to the new IP feature, Emailage introduced an email syntax analysis to its solution that will compare email handles against keywords commonly used to send spam and commit fraud. Another feature just added allows businesses to customize their fraud scoring based on their unique variables.