News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

Merchant Guides & How-To Lists

At CNP, we are focused on providing the most timely and relevant information for merchants dealing with the challenges of e-commerce fraud and payments. Below are a number of guides and how to lists to help merchants understand the card-not-present industry and how to best overcome the challenges as they develop. If there’s something you’re looking for that you haven’t seen yet, please let us know and our editorial team will be happy to check into it for you.

Merchant Guide: 5 Ways to Keep Subscription Billing from Being a Recurring Nightmare

Subscription-billing models capture customer loyalty and generate increased revenue if you can manage them. Ensuring that customers who sign up for a subscription with you will continue to be successfully billed for the service is critical. And to do that, payments must be at the forefront of your mind from the beginning. Get our CNP Merchant Guide to help you:
  • Choose the right external partners
  • Set up the right internal systems & processes
  • Reduce your declines
  • Set up a successful international strategy
Get the 5 Ways to Keep Subscription Billing from Being a Recurring Nightmare

Merchant Guide: 5 Steps to Fix Your Fraud Problem

As e-commerce continues to grow, fraudsters will continue to find new ways to exploit your vulnerabilities and as a merchant, the liability is yours. Companies that don’t pay attention to their losses and to suspicious order behavior are the ones who pay. Get our free 5 Steps to Help Fix Your Fraud Problem to:

  • Reduce your decline rates
  • Reduce your chargeback rates
  • Reduce your payment processing fees
Get Your Five Steps to Help Fix Your Fraud Problem

Is Friendly Fraud Killing Your Business? Get the 4 Steps to Fighting Friendly Fraud.

While online fraud is a growing concern to all online retailers, an alarming 86% of chargeback requests are “friendly fraud “ – whereby customers claim they did not make the purchase or receive the goods. What’s more, with too many chargebacks (and chargeback fees of up to $100 for each transaction), your business could be branded “high-risk” and pay elevated transaction fees on all of your business transactions.

Get our 4 Steps to Fighting Friendly Fraud

Too Many Unnecessary Card Declines?

Find out the three ways merchants are causing unnecessary credit card declines and steps you need to take to increase revenue and retain your customers.

Get the CNP Guide to Getting More Approvals

Chargebacks a problem? Find out what TC-40s are and how they are affecting your bottom line.

Every time a cardholder claims fraud, issuers file a TC-40 claim for that transaction. These claims are then reported to the card brands and out to all issuers and to the merchant’s acquirer. We put together a guide to help merchants understand what a TC-40 is and how it can affect their business.

Get the Merchant Guide to TC-40s