Ebay Enterprise, Innotrac Combine to Form Radial

April 21, 2016

Ebay Enterprise, Innotrac Combine to Form Radial eBay Enterprise and Innotrac, one of the companies that was part of a consortium that purchased eBay Enterprise from eBay last year, have merged and are now known as Radial. The company said its combined expertise in online payments and logistics will enable large organizations to better manage omnichannel commerce.

“Retailers are seeing a tremendous strain on their businesses because execution of omnichannel is insanely hard,” said Stefan Weitz, chief product and strategy officer at Radial. “Radial is all about building the tools retailers need to compete—and win—in the increasingly complex and competitive e-commerce space.”

Omnichannel commerce, the ability to engage customers when and how they demand, simply is becoming expected of retailers , and, “despite allocating significant resources to omnichannel,” Radial President Tobias Hartmann noted that many simply are not able to keep up. Radial said it will offer a global, cloud-based platform that will deliver payments, fulfillment and customer service enabling retailers to offer an omnichannel experience.

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