Early Warning, BioCatch Partner to Fight Account Takeover

April 20, 2015

Early Warning, BioCatch Partner to Fight Account Takeover Early Warning, the Arizona-based antifraud technology provider that acquired Authentify earlier this month, recently announced a strategic alliance with another authentication provider. BioCatch, an Israeli company with U.S. headquarters in Boston, uses behavioral biometric data—both physical and cognitive—to authenticate users online. Early Warning, will incorporate BioCatch technology into its consortium model, making its intelligence available more widely to battle fraud and, more specifically, account takeover.

“BioCatch is proud to be working with Early Warning to address some of the biggest challenges currently facing the financial industry, namely preventing account takeover and new account fraud as well as malware attacks,” said Ron Moritz, CEO of BioCatch. “And, we are providing users with a better experience while using digital banking. This new service will provide invaluable user behavioral data from top U.S. banks that will be collected and used to create a new generation risk-based authentication solution.”