E-Book Seller Chooses WorldPay for Fraud Prevention

June 27, 2013

Kobo, an e-book Website providing books in different electronic formats to 14.5 million readers in 190 countries, has chosen WorldPay as its fraud-prevention technology provider. Kobo, which already uses WorldPay as its gateway provider and acquirer, said it is growing quickly, especially in the U.S., and needed to ensure that a growing number of e-commerce transactions were secure.

“Merchants in global verticals that experience high growth in transactions from multiple markets need to maximize the balance between the detection of fraudulent payments and acceptance of legitimate transactions,” said Shane Happach, chief commercial officer of e-commerce at WorldPay. “At the same time, merchants want to minimize the cost of the risk management processes and tools used to do so, especially when resources are tight. Establishing the right balance between cost and loss is not easy. WorldPay will work with Kobo via RiskGuardian to ensure maximum levels of legitimate transactions are accepted and fraudulent sales and chargebacks are minimized.”