EMV in the USA

EMV Day has arrived in the U.S.! But for card-not-present merchants the ordeal is just beginning. The industry has woken up to the fact that CNP fraud will increase significantly as a result of EMV migration in the U.S. That migration, however, is just getting cranked up, giving e-commerce and mobile merchants a little more time to get their ducks in a row before the deluge. Check out some of our recent reporting on the transition to EMV and how it will affect the card-not-present ecosystem.



Back to the Basics: A CNP Payments and Fraud Primer

At, we often are asked for a basic explanation of the overall payments process by individuals throughout the ecosystem and at many levels of experience. A review of basic information can help merchants understand the partners they need and help providers better understand the role they play in the ecosystem. Join us for a series of articles that bring us “back to the basics” in words and pictures. If don’t need the review, someone in your organizations does.

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