D2C Coverage: Direct Response Marketers Must Integrate Tablets  

Sept. 14, 2012

During a session at the 2012 ERA D2C Convention, Rey Pasinli, executive director of Total Apps Inc., said direct-response merchants have to look beyond infomercials and call centers to incorporate the exploding number of mobile devices and, especially, tablets. And the key to converting customers now and in the future on mobile devices is one-click checkout.

Pasinli noted research that found 80 percent of incoming college freshmen favored watching TV and movies online over subscribing to cable. He cited other research that found 88 percent of tablet owners watch TV and use their tables at the same time. Direct-response marketers, who typically have reached their customers through long- and short-form television advertising and print ads that exhort viewers to “call now,” need to engage this “future generation of shoppers,” he said, by enabling them to purchase on tablets with one click while watching or reading ads.

“The key to success is one-click checkout,” he emphasized. “We’ve done a tremendous amount of work in the daily deal space. When they do offers, if they do not have one-click checkout, their conversion drops 80 percent.”

Pasinli gave examples of e-wallets that can be accessed via a mobile device using a QR code or Twitter as ways direct-response marketers could implement one-click mobile payments into their TV or print platforms. Enabling these types of payments, he said, will allow direct-response marketers to stay “relevant, competitive and emerge into the digital age.

The D2C Convention, produced by the Electronic Retailers Association, took place in Las Vegas this week in front of 4,000 direct response merchants and service providers.