‘Czar of Street’ to Keynote at 2014 CNP Expo

Feb. 10, 2014

‘Czar of Street’ to Keynote at 2014 CNP Expo Greg Selkoe, founder and CEO of Karmaloop.com will deliver a keynote address at the 2014 CNP Expo in May. Selkoe, 36, founded the e-commerce retailer in 2000 and it has grown to become the largest online provider of streetwear in the world.

Selkoe, inspired by the “verge culture” around hip-hop, skateboarding and urban style, founded Karmaloop.com to provide universal access to streetwear brands that were difficult to find in most places. By leveraging a pure e-commerce model he was able to build a cutting-edge—but niche—concept into a $200 million juggernaut with a fiercely loyal customer base.

“Greg is an inspiration to anyone selling on the Internet today,” said Steven Casco, CEO of CardNotPresent.com and the CNP Expo. “It doesn’t matter if you’re selling appliances, vacations or sneakers and hoodies. The lessons Greg learned building his business are applicable to anyone who wants to sell online.”

Karmaloop Inc. now also includes KarmaloopTV.com, PLNDR.com, MissKL.com and five private-label clothing brands and Karmaloop sites account for more than 8 million unique visitors per month.

For more information visit CardNotPresent.com/CNPExpo/.