CRE Secure Provides Online Security via PayLeap


Aug. 30, 2010

CRE Secure, a cloud-based secure payment solution for online merchants, announced that its service is now integrated with PayLeap, a company that offers electronic payment services. Online consumers of CRE clients are redirected to the company’s hosted payment platform that mirrors their trusted merchant’s website. Since visually consumers feel like they never leave the merchant’s site, online merchants are able to maintain greater levels of branding continuity and security for their customers when processing CNP transactions. “PCI compliance and secure customer data management has moved into the spotlight and is on the minds of merchants, e-commerce developers and online commerce platform providers now more than ever before in the history of online commerce,” said Daryn Barney, vice president of business development for PayLeap. “As an online payment service provider, we are committed to providing our merchants peace of mind. We do this by offering merchants affordable and cutting edge online security tools like CRE Secure. Our partnership with CRE Secure enables PayLeap to streamline PCI compliance for online sellers.”