CRE Secure Deploys Tokenization for E-Commerce Merchants

Sept. 13, 2010

CRE Secure, which has made several recent announcements regarding the integration of its online security solution with different payment gateways, said it has launched an encrypted tokenization service that enables online merchants to facilitate recurring billing and faster online payment transactions for repeat customers. “A secure tokenization solution combined with a compliant outsourced payment service, provides online merchants the best path to meeting PCI compliance while serving their customer’s needs,” said Kennet Westby, COO and Co-Founder of Coalfire , a leading IT audit and compliance firm. “Now merchants have the ability to process recurring transactions or provide customers stored credit card profiles without the cost or compliance risk of handling the data themselves.” The Atlanta-based payment security firm said its tokenization service enables merchants to send a token to CRE Secure for future authorization via a new token authorization web service, to convert existing databases of authorized credit cards into CRE tokens that can be stored in gateway vaults and to utilize more rapid tokenization processing because each token is algorithmically unique to the merchant’s gateway account.